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DIMATIQUE, member of DIMA Group of Companies, were established in 2010 to focus in distribution, sales and marketing activities for imported wines.

DIMATIQUE provides Indonesian wine lovers with Quality experience. This all starts with establishing partnership with producers and reliable suppliers, through the line temperature controlled supply chain from shipment, storage and delivery fleets. All this to ensure we deliver satisfaction.

Our group Vision is to be Indonesia’s Number #1 Premium Beverages importer and distributor. Having said this, in DIMATIQUE, we focus in Premium and Fine Wines import and distribution. DIMATIQUE imports premium wines and fine wines from major wine producing region, both from old world and new world. Experience the variety of taste and quality in our portfolio range.

Our Customers are mainly Hotels, Restaurants and Fine Dining, Café, Lounge, Bars and private consumers. Our customers and consumers spans from Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, and several other key cities. We know our vision is ambitious and audacious, therefore, our commitment is to do our work with PASSION. We are very PASSIONATE of wines we represent and we are PROUD to be part of them. We VALUE and RESPECT the relationship we have with our brand owners, customers and to individual consumers. We BELIEVE in the strength of TEAM WORK, and with it, we will arrive to our vision.



President Director

Iskandar Budianto

Finance Director


Deputy Sales Director

Roy Mulyadi Limahardja

General Manager

Anastasia Dewi Maweikere

National Key Account Manager

Tanne Budiatma

Brand Manager


Komp. Pluit Mas Blok BB No. 3-4. Jembatan Tiga, Pluit. Jakarta Utara 14450